IQI I2 stopped working today (after 1 week).

IQI I2 stopped working today (after 1 week). It is booting (i can see the backlight), but i can’t see or use anything else. No Android Logo no menu.

It is charged, but can’t be seen by PC so i can’t reflash the firmware. Battery is soldered to the mainboard. Maybe i have to wait until it went flat.

Actual i think, the build quality of all these watches are sort of “cheap”:

K18 - color chipped
Finow X5 - screen misaligned
KW88 - color chipped, plastic ring broken
No1. D6 - Cheap backcover does not close fully

according to “Battery is soldered to the mainboard. Maybe i have to wait until it went flat.”, it may be the problem of battery. A new battery is needed.

No, the battery is working. The display is lit, but does not show any logo or the menu.
Sometimes the watch also plays the boot jingle.

@Vmax it is more likely either a screen issue that we have seen before or the OS has got stuffed.
The battery can be disconnected from the board - this is what you should try first. Just pull the flat board plug under the back cover and then re-connect after 30 seconds. Also try the “hold the side button in until the watch vibrates” operation. That will wipe the cache and re-boot it.

And if you go over to the firmware support section for these watches there is a photo of the main board . The flat connector at the bottom of the photo is the battery connector.

No battery is soldered and i already did as yopu mentioned to no avail.

Well, that is very odd. My battery is not soldered. It has the flat silver topped connector you can see in the photo I mentioned earlier. I have even removed it from my old I2 as a spare…

Did you cleave watch to cradle first then connect them by USB to power? as the back case is metal part, the charging operation should be conducted step by step. otherwise it will cause short circuit very easily, which will damage the screen.

You are right, the battery is NOT soldered. But it did not help me much, because the watch is not recognized by PC.

@Vmax oh damn !! This happened to me too though. If you go to device manager and go to update driver and select the previous mtp driver - it worked for me .
Worth a try…

Nope, there is no android device visible at all.

@Vmax no sound when you attach it?

No :frowning:

Would you send it back - they would replace it. I have asked them…

Yes, Shawna already got in contact with me.

that’s good :slight_smile:

Wow I like this community!! Very helpful.