IQI have asked that these two connectors be very carefully disconnected and then reconnected.

IQI have asked that these two connectors be very carefully disconnected and then reconnected. These are the screen connections.
They believe that there may be an issue with these connections. Let me know how it goes. This for the member with the black screen issue.

Pablo, I have mad mixed success with the suggested change.

The good news is I managed to fire up the display and get it to come to life for about 3 to 5 minutes before it returned to it’s former state when the power save / inactivity screen saver kicked in.

On both occasions this was a result of me gently disconnecting and then and re-seating the ribbon cable connections on your picture and then when that didn’t help the other ribbon cables for the button, battery etc.

The pins on the connectors seem OK as do the ribbon cables but the wiring is very small so it’s hard to tell.

I have come to the conclusion the issue is with a faulty connection.

Unless the IQI team have any other suggestions I will have to see if I can arrange for a replacement care of TinyDeal.

Please advise.

@Paul_Lonsdale I had an issue similar today. Mine was fixed by pulling the battery connection and re-connecting. Can you show me which cable you pulled to disconnect the battery?

On your picture it was the bottom right connector. It has VBAT written to at the side. The power has no bearing nor does the button connector top right.

I have carefully and systematically disconnected and reconnected each connector and tested after each instance.

When I have managed to make it work when it sleeps due to inactivity I can’t revive it through the button press. When it is revived the screen works fine. My other 2 devices seem robust.

@Paul_Lonsdale Yep that is the one. So I guess it’s not what they though it was. And to top that, I am hearing that none of your watches connect to the PC?

Reconnecting the wires did temporarily cause the screen to spring into life but it didn’t prove a permanent fix and it only worked on two brief occasions suggesting there is some sort of a fault.

As for the drivers I am using a Windows Restore Point to rollback the driver installation and will try again using the drivers contained in the firmware zip.

Do I need all of the ones under MK or just one of the four presented?

@Paul_Lonsdale Try installing pda net and then plug in the watch. It has many usb configs loaded and helps with many tricky watches.

For flashing firmware I would use the ones in the zip or even to ones from the X series flashing guides. I’m still using those drivers and it’s all working fine.

@Paul_Lonsdale I know this may sound stupid but have you tried different cables?
Have had a couple of members with this being the underlying cause…

I’ll give different USB cables a go.

To be honest there is less urgency on the USB connection now given that the connector tests suggest it’s a hardware rather than software fault with the watch.

I am speaking to the watch suppler about a replacement item which it seems will necessitate me to ship the faulty one back so presumably it will make its way back to the manufacturer for further diagnosis.

The challenge I am facing with the healthy watches is connecting with the Sinwear app to get full notifications. In the case of the iPhone it doesn’t want to connect for the Android I have basic connectivity.

I am still looking into the sinwear app. A new version has become available and I’m about to test it with the new firmware.

Is that for both iPhone and Android as the QR code on the watch is purely for Android?

Will the new firmware be an over the air update or via USB and SP Tool?

Hi Pablo.

Given that the screen has fired into life, all be it briefly on two occasions when taking the back off and seemed fine when it did.

The device plays the jingle when it does boot up.

It will connect to my PC via USB and let me explore the directories.

Would you agree that it is likely a hardware rather software/firmware problem and that flashing the firmware probably won’t help?

The reason I ask is the supplier of the watch is trying to encourage me to locate a local repairer and get a quote for it to be repaired and share (yes share) the cost with me.

My current leaning is to return it, bear the return postage cost and get the supplier to dispatch a new one although there latest email suggests they would want to check the current one first before dispatching a new one or possibly sending the repaired one to me.

I would appreciate your advice as I love the other two watches and I am trying my best to resolve the issue with your help.

@Paul_Lonsdale Please let me speak to the company tomorrow. I am guessing that these are IQI I2 watches right ?
If so let me speak to them first before you do anything else,. Cheers

You are correct it’s one faulty IQI I2 watch out of a batch of three. I will wait to hear from you.

@Paul_Lonsdale Appreciated. Cheers

Hi @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 how did your meeting with IQI go?

Ok - they said that the seller should replace it for you.
Unfortunately as they didn’t sell to you directly they see it as the seller’s responsibility.
I tried :frowning:

OK. thanks for trying @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11

The seller tells me I will have to send it back to them by Airmail at my expense.

They will try inspect it with a view to repairing or replacing it.

It’s going to be a long wait :frowning:

Do you they think it’s likely to be a hardware fault based on my description?