Installed Whatsapp onto the KW88. Except for 1 thing it works flawlessly (without simcard).

Installed Whatsapp onto the KW88.
Except for 1 thing it works flawlessly (without simcard).
Whatsapp allows an installation to run on a non-tablet Android device.
After a verification process on my phone it initialised and worked.
Of course first thing I tried was to make a phone call with WhatsApp.
On the receiving end the person could hear me perfectly, but unfortunately I could not hear the person talking.
Also when I pressed the record audio button the receiver complained the audio was very hard to hear. Received audio sounded perfect.
For the rest WhatsApp works fine.
On installation there is an option to restore conversations. Be aware it also syncs media. In my case it was 500MB. I deleted it afterwards to free memory space.
Also when you transfer your WhatsApp account to your smartwatch it no longer works on your phone. You need to re-verify it on your phone to transfer it back.
If you re-verify it incorrectly you get a time lock on your next retry of a couple of hours.

Now if only I could get the audio receive problem worked out we’d have a working phone call solution.

@tim_Collins ​ Don’t worry we’ll find some workaround.
And concerning OTA do not install. @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​ advises not to and my experience is never to OTA before you hear good things from others about it. Not only with OTA but every FW upgrade.
I have a Galaxy Note 10.1 in a drawer to prove that point.

I think tasker is solution for everything
I wait for root and exam intent watcfaces and solve issues

I installed manifest viewer snd found many option that can work

I just tested Tasker, but it seems it cannot detect button presses. Maybe I’m wrong, but I cannot find it.
It’s necessary to reconfigure / multifigure the power button on 1-button smartwatches.

@tim_Collins it will say cannot upgrade until the OTA services are re-enabled on the server by KingWear

I think the OTA is out now… Not sure though. Test it and see…

Yeah - just confirmed with King Wear - OTA is still disabled until a new release is finished.
Sorry mate. The latest one is the one I posted - but there is no benefit from upgrading to is unless your watch is broken.