In my spare time I did some redesigning and modification of an existing design

In my spare time I did some redesigning and modification of an existing design of an Osprey V-22 watch-face.
I liked the military design and the fact that it had some day and night design for my upcoming day/night patch for Zooper watch-faces.

Some features:
Glowing hour and minute dials at night.
Moving airplane rotors with motion blur.
Glowing rotor tips at night with motion blur.
Temperature, weather icon ans step-counter in LCD
LCD with day and night modes.
Colored Led-bar for Power and WiFi signal strength

I’m still working on programming the watch-face. The graphics are done. I have a working test-version and the rotating props with their shaded motion blur look awesome.

Redesign and programming: @Kenneth_Tan

Initial Design:
Michael Palombi & Ken Van Vliet

That looks fun…

And although the propellers rotate every minute, it will not place any extra drain on the battery.

I watched a few YouTube videos of the Osprey in action… what a beast…

Wouldn’t it be awesome if the game would also run on the watch.

@Kenneth_Tan Ah ha… I looked at the real one… :slight_smile:

I know, that always beats a binary version.

:slight_smile: I’d never seen a V-22 or the game before…

Maybe the next watchface should be the A-10 Warthog watch. The plane that kicks the sh*t out of the rest.

@Kenneth_Tan_Fotograf Let me look for it…

I had a look at the cockpit… plenty of dials to choose from… :slight_smile:

Nice fun watch face. Is the engine for battery Status?

@monaco205 ​ Yes, take a good look at the text. Left says Fuel critical and the right text says Signal critical. Left is going to be battery charge and right will be WiFi signal strength.
For now I has to drop the stepcounter. Couldn’t get it to work. Replaced it with Memory MB’s left.

Yeah verry impressiv :wink:

Is that finished? Download link? 0:))