In built fit app

I’ve 2 watches both seem to be off with the built in fitness app.

Last week used the Ticwris max fit app while walking. Gps on etc. It says I walked 9km when the actual distance was about 5. Time walked was correct though.

Today I used the Genesis with the fit app. Walked 8km but it says I walked 25km :rofl: in 2 hours that’s pretty good lol.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Going to use myrunning app next time but forgot to set up this time.

You will find my running app is the way forward . A lot more accurate and the only one that uses built in heart rate monitor

google fit

Hello everyone!!!
I am looking for the stock fitness application but the one that uses the gps if you can share it with me please.

Not working without the correct dependencies - tried and does not work

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