In addition to the Schaumburg MooN face I had made,

In addition to the Schaumburg MooN face I had made, I post two new modified versions: the Schaumburg MooN Red and Schaumburg MooN Green that +Peter V made based on my original design.
Hope you like them!!

Download link:

Credits for: and +Peter V

If you want to see the original one, it is right here:álezJGZ/posts/YFWk67idxHN


The battery level at the bottom, in preview (the green version), seems like it isn’t centered, but don’t worry it’s ok.

Thank you for an amazing watch face it looks awesome on my Zblaze Thor Pro.

Does the moon show the phase or is it battery level please?

It shows the moon phase. And it works well. In the green version it has a battery indicator in the bottom

@Peter_V Awesome! Thank you!

(o.O) (O.o) ooooooo. I really like the green one, but the red is pretty nice too. Would be even cooler if you made the :star2: second hand red as well. My only other compunction is that I wish that the date and power percentage was windowed and possibly a different font. Other than that, absolutely beautiful. Sorry for the nitpick.

@Nicholas_Herczeg Here you go:álezJGZ/posts/Rjt6UW7PMER

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