I'm working on a new training :

I’m working on a new training : learning how to dissasemble an APK file in order to modify it. So, this time, it’s not a creation that i’m working on.
I’ve used the launcher APK of the D5 smartwatch, extracted it and removed the launcher part in order to keep only the clockskin (not very easy by the way).
Having done that i still need to work on strange sizes and other things but i succesfully ported this APK to my phone, my goal is to make a widget on my phone to have my clockskin on my phone too…

Here is a video teaser of what it looks on my Honor 7, let me know what you think. (And yes it’s not finished and can look strange)

great stuff mate. It would be amazing if the four of you that are on the similar sort of project could work together :slight_smile:

Great @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​, I hope sow.

If it can help, i can share my current clockskin sources. In fact, i’m having difficulties in making it a widget, it’s the first time i try that…