I'm owner of the KW88. I'm very satisfied.

I’m owner of the KW88. I’m very satisfied.
I have one question: how can I see who is calling me at the moment? I use KW88 only with bluetooth with Samsung Galaxy S5

Only need to use sinwear app and connect by Bluetooth to Phone.

Thank you. I have Sinwear connected. It didn’t work. I can see only that someone is calling, but does not show who or phone number …

I can see who sent my sms, whats app or e-mail, but I can’t see who is calling at the moment.

Strange… I see calling number and picture contact too!

:frowning: Thank you Alberto. I do not see who is calling, can you help me in this matter please? What can I do?

my smart watch show me who has called (numer and picture), but not who calling now

Where do you see Who has called??
Sinwear show only notifications… Not call history…

KW show me that I have incoming call without nr and displayed “resume phone call”.

When I not answer the phone, then KW show on the screen who called me and displayed “call not answered”