I'm in the market for a smartwatch but I need some help from all

I’m in the market for a smartwatch but I need some help from all of you professionals…there’s soooo many models. I had almost decided on the D5 but then I saw the s99 and the Zeblaze Blitz which have newer Android and better chip. I don’t like the dead space around the face of the s99 so I think it’s out. Does anyone know where I can find a review or does anyone have any opinions on the Blitz vs. the D5? Thanks!

I’m spoiled by the 1.4 inch and 400*400 resolution of the finow x5 (and amoled screen), so anything less than that I couldn’t buy it. Only the amoled part I could look past…but I want the size and the resolution. That being said, both s99 and specially zeblaze blitz are ugly as f. Opinions may vary :wink: I would go for the Q1, but don’t want square…

I would either wait for a new 5.1 round smartwatch with looks like the D5 for example or just go for the D5 (in your case). Me, I would still go for the X5 today :wink:

well I just ordered the Blitz myself ,after reading the specs and see what it looks like I think it beats the X5 and I just got it a day ago lol so now up for sale . dont like the leather band ,and the blitz is water proof and its lollipop 5.1 updated x5 still and will be on old firewear 4… so dude go for the Blitz and special offer on gearbest now

I like the X5…just a little too big for me. I’m thinking that I really like the Blitz and I don’t think it looks too bad. I do wish it looked more like the D5 though. I’m afraid that I’m going to order something and then a round version of the I2 or something is going to come out that’s absolutely perfect and then I’m going to regret it :slight_smile:

Uggghhh, special offer on the grey is gone…and I don’t want the orange

Thanks Loki! I believe you’re spot on. I’m honestly not sure if I want a dedicated or companion device at this point. For the time being, I really just wanted something that could halfway track heart rate (I know that none of them are great at it), activity, sleep, and deliver notifications from the phone. The additional features offered by the more advanced watches are really just because I’m terribly geeky by nature and want to have the latest tech :slight_smile: The ability to change and mod the faces is a BIG drawing factor for me as well.

yeah you should of been much faster I got mine in gray :slight_smile: Michael

@Youngblood68 ​​ I bought grey version 5ours ago…te flash sale has finished… Price come back 120$

@Fabio cool lets hope we happy with it ,specs wish looks great , cant wait to get mine , sold my X5 today .I hope I dont regret that lol

I hope so…IP 67… gorilla glass…5.1…

@Youngblood68 ​ …why have you sold x5?

@Fabio because I ordered the Blitz :slight_smile: dont need 2 smartwatches lol

I have my No. 1 D5 already 1 week.
What is working: almost everything!
What is not working: GPS without WiFi or 3G almost newer.
I am using him on my bike with app: Sports Tracker, the program is working but the GPS not all the time. Sometimes even not with WiFi or 3G.
I have also problem with USB to my PC, I need to keep very hard my watch with wireless charger, otherwise is not connected.
Sometimes I cannot make calls, but after restart is working again. Mostly this is happened after charging battery.
Anyway, if we forget for the moment GPS, then I will say I love it!