I'm an android newbie and just began to play with my D5.

I’m an android newbie and just began to play with my D5. I was looking for a simple round calculator but haven’t found one, so i decided to make it and voilà :

It’s basic but it can help.

Here is a screenshot :

Sounds good… have you got any screen shots/photos?

Just added a screenshot

Newbie where?
If you are beginner so I don’t know what I will be.
Very very good, it’s perfect.

G+1000! :slight_smile:

I was going to try my hand at coding (my only experience is with actionscript 2.0 to make clocks, years ago) for this very reason. Now, we need a tip calc & unit conversion tool… It would’ve been nice if it were more stylish/colourful/etc., but… I’m not complaining! A calc for round full-Android watches? That one essential tool our D5s should’ve come with right out of the box, so, on behalf of all D5-family watch users, THANK YOU! :slight_smile:


I was searching for one like this, but I can’t make what you’ve made. Thanks!

Dennis, have you tested the conversion tool in the integrated D5 chinese app store ?

Eric, that’s a currency exchange rate conversion tool.