I'm a graphic designer, but I do not know how to create it..

I’m a graphic designer, but I do not know how to create it…
So i need a design software for face watch Finow (x1 x3 x5 …)
can someone help me? thank you so much!

You can use clockskinmaker for creating faces. You can download from the following link

If you can make a Clock Face image creater that will help! This is different with CSM. We need a new face designer for base/pin/digital…

thankyou so much!!!

@Vi_t_Ng_c_Le May I ask what program you have pictured here?

Wooow thank you! I was wondering how I could make own watch faces :smiley:

No response, OK, so does anyone else know the program in the pic?

its called Clock skin Maker.
use google+ on your pc, so you can see the program itself. This post is about the program and where you can download it. :wink:

just look al the comment of @Jiten_Kanani ​ (up top)

I use CSM and Gimp quite a bit, I am referring to the program the op has posted here, which is not CSM. NVM I now see that is Photoshop.

Hi Edward. The Programm is for Samsung gear.

thanks bro!
it’s my design: https://plus.google.com/communities/109827242607524552712/stream/19c30560-6623-434f-9e61-14edf6033b92