Ideas for extending the strap?

I mainly bought my Lem T as I ride an electric unicycle, and by using an app on the watch, I can monitor speed, battery levels etc. But during the winter, having gloves on and long sleeved coats means it is awkward to keep looking at the watch.

I was thinking if trying to extend the strap so that I could wear it over the wrist part of a glove. I had an idea to chop up a second strap and do it that way. But can’t find replacement straps for sale.

Has anybody here used theirs in an unusual way and needed to mount it or something? I’d welcome any ideas :slight_smile: Cheers

Looks like a 22 or 24mm strap.

You can buy them here:

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You need a 34mm strap. I got leather. There’s no time to put it. There you need to redo the mount, just so you will not put it.


That’s amazing! Thanks so much for that link :slight_smile: