Ice Bar This is a collection of memories of my time in

Ice Bar

This is a collection of memories of my time in Sweden exploring the taverns Gamla Stan (the old town). Loosely based on the Stockholm ‘Ice Bar’ with an LED metronome advertising vodka.
I think I’ve used every trick in the book here. The time display is a combination of the pendulum and radar technique, but the radar sweeps both ways. The time is curved to fit the arc of the metronome sweep and the changes colour.
The battery level is displayed in the bottles in the top shelf. Each full bottle represents 10% and drains by 1%. When empty, it’s taken off the shelf. I also display the actual value (at an angle) on a tag on the last bottle.
Various bottles come and go and because this is a lively place a bartender pops in every few seconds with a flurry of champagne bubbles. It’s not always the same bartender, but a collection of famous characters, as follows…

  • Dexter Jettster from Star Wars
  • Quark from Deep Space 9
  • Bartender from Team America
  • Ted Danson playing Sam Malone from Cheers
  • Pretty bar wench1 (from St. Pauli beer)
  • Ted Lange playing Issac from The Love Boat
  • Moe from The Simpsons
  • Whoopi Goldberg playing Guinan from Star Trek
  • Pretty bar wench2 (from Hooters)
  • Leonid Kinskey playing Sascha from Casablanca
    The bartender changes every minute. I first thought of tying this to the steps and have them get progressively better looking every 1000 steps as a motivational aid.
    There’s a lot going on here, I probably put too much into this skin and the CSM can’t quite keep up, but it runs ok on a D5, etc and could be a conversation starter next time you find yourself in a bar wondering what to say to the person next to you who seems to be getting better looking with each drink.

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Yes I likey very much… you’ll be going it in green and bigger numbers or smaller numbers? ;)1

I started with bigger numbers, but everything I put in squashed things a bit

Can you do it in Wear?

We were at the Jukkasjärvi, Ice Hotel in the New Year, 2011… a modest -25C… :slight_smile:

Permission requested… then I’ll try it on my D5…

I never got that far north, mainly Stockholm and Oslo, on and off 2011-2012

I thought that I’d the get the colour, size and Wear questions in before the rush started… :wink:

I see you currently like green.
you mean KingWear, it works with Eric’s app

Well, you can chalk up another success… works well on the old D5…

@Andrew_Davis you look lovely in green :slight_smile:
@Andrew_Somers this is an amazing piece of work mate . Very cool indeed - no pun intended :slight_smile:

Not orange but green.ummm