I would like to announce ..

I would like to announce …
That all my watch face designs are open source.
I believe people are way to hung up on what’s mine and what’s theirs and lose sight of what’s really important … Making very cool watch faces for EVERYONE to USE !~
You have my permission to use any and all parts of any watch face I post.
You can change … use … redesign any or all parts.
If you think you can make it better… cooler… more amazing! Go For It !
I hope you can and will ! ( This will make for more amazing and cool watches ! )
No credit is necessary … Have fun ! Let’s see you top me !

Eres muy amable…muchas gracias …son muy buenos tus trabajos en las watchface…se agradece mucho

Very, very nice of you! I will try when I get my regular computer working.

@THE-KING-ALIENS thanks - but please post in English for the benefit of everyone else who does.

@Warlock_Weary thanks for the comments. We can appreciate these sentiments.

But let’s not forget that not everyone feels the same and we respect anyone who shares their work here for us to use for free - regardless.

What we don’t want is a situation where other designers work is just used without consent. Respect is a key factor - especially in a public, free community.

We don’t want another storm of unfriendly comments and general bad feeling. That’s why it’s mentioned in the first community sticky post. We have had some nasty situations in the past.

Thanks again,