I try to ask you again,

I try to ask you again, especially to @Jacek_Klodzinski since this 24 hours movement seems similar to his LUC CHOPARD TIME TRAVELER ONE watch for D5 done last year… Is it possible to do this IWC Pilot Worldtimer watch model? Thank you in advance…

I am working now on the next L. U. Chopard watch, but without 24 hours movement :slight_smile: So… no time now.

OK, @Jacek_Klodzinski no problem and thank you for your reply.

I hope that sooner or later you will find the time to work also on this IWC Pilot Worldtimer model, which I think is really great (if you like, the date at 3 o’clok could just show the right day, instead of 3 days (in the example picture: 24, 25 and 26).

Thank you again for your message. I appreciate it.

With Universal Launcher it can be 3 days - no problem with day rotation param.

Thanks @Jacek_Klodzinski . I look forward to that! :wink: