I show my latest clockskin Blade Metal I'v sent lot of time to made,

I show my latest clockskin

Blade Metal

I’v sent lot of time to made, and triyng finish this skin.
Wanted to show more realistic 3D look in watchhands.
Use here hard shifted hand shadows, and I think, looks nice.
I made that for me, and free to use for THIS community. :slight_smile:

Just try, hope you like it!


Really like the fonts, but a great job on the hand shadows, If you don’t mind I may make a few mods and re-post as a compliment to this face.

Another fantastic face, thank`s

Super watch face! Grazie!
LEMFO LES1 with watch face from zsolt m
missing/deleted image from Google+

Very nice @zsolt_m :slight_smile:

@Sher_Akiloff very nice, thanks!

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Hey! i tried this on my lem5 but it did not work. Can you please confirm if it works on lem5? thanks for the help

@Mohamad_El_Wafai go here - calm down - it’s gonna be ok. Your problem is the face database has become corrupt. This prevents the UI from starting up.


Go to the X series section and to factory firmware. Download the firmware package and then read thoroughly about how to flash the firmware. You need to make sure you completely understand the process before you flash. Check out this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CxDF2pkdCQ

Brilliant work as always @zsolt_m