I present the design in which I am working.

I present the design in which I am working.
Dashboard Car
It includes:
24 Hour Mode Bar
Bar Minutes (x10)
Battery Bar (imitation Fuel)
Led battery indicator (battery less than 40%)
Gasoline led indicator (battery less than 20%)
Display Counter steps
Display Pulse meter
Meteological indicator
Display battery
Display time




Holy crapppp :grin::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

That looks nice…

Very nice indeed :slight_smile:
Are you the original designer ? Great piece of work :slight_smile:

really nice! love the led indicators!

Yes, 100% design from 0, worked with photoshop.
The only indicators that I have reused are counter steps, pulse meter, temperature, and time.
The led indicators of Battery and fuel, spheres, needles etc … are my own work.
I keep thinking about new designs.

This is fantastic !! Thanks very much :slight_smile:

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@Jam-gino as I said above, very nice work ^^ :slight_smile:

Can you do this?

I cannot wait to see the final result ! I really like your idea of a car dashboard. To make even more realistic, I would have the sun or every other weather symbol in red (or totally removed since it does not match the dashboard ambiance). I would also replace the heart rate and symbols by symbols generally visible on a dashboard oil and water temperature for example). That is only my taste and nomatter what your face is going to be amazing. Thanks a lot.

I am not a face designer at all and have no skill to create custom face. I really like your project and thought about it further. Another great alternative would be to add a zero behind your minutes count dial and a red zone with 70 and 80 (that the handle will not reach). It would then look very similar to the rpm of a car dashboard.
For the hours dial, again adding a zero befind each number and maybe 260, 280 and 300 kmh (that the handle would not reach) would make the whole thing looking like a real sport car dashboard with rpm and speed…

Awesome concept! :smiley:

Thank you for your comments… and suggestions. it is a first step, to see that everything is working. ire by incorporating suggestions.

Thank you @Jam-gino .

@Jam-gino are you planning to release it ?

design adapted with suggestions added
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Download link?

in the time that see that everything works 100% well. I am in phase of test and refinement of the design of the same. Even be able to include new icons

@Jam-gino ok si peefect thanks