I notice that there aren't many fortnite watch faces,

I notice that there aren’t many fortnite watch faces, so will someone be kind enough to make one using this picture ?

Hi! That’s a great idea! I love fortnite as you. I’m new in this topic (I have had my watch since 25.08 Hehe)… I think I’ll learn how can I make a watch face ( hope until night​:sweat_smile::roll_eyes::thinking::joy:) And Im gonna start with this :wink:

Cool I’m sure the face will be awesome

@Jaime_Rivera I uploaded my first attempt yesterday :wink: What do you think? Do you have any suggestion? :smiley:

It is even better than I thought nice additions such as the watch hands, awesome watch face! :v:can’t seem to find the link to download tho.

Ohh, i see​:sweat_smile: sorry​:sweat_smile: I’m a bit silly… I’ll upload when i get home :blush::wink::thinking::smile: