I need someone to test this for me.

I need someone to test this for me.
While testing Watchface Designer, I’ve made this watchface. In it, the blue background should rotate counter-clockwise, while the rest rotates clockwise. According to the available clockskin documentation, the clockwise direction is the default value, while for counter-clockwise, the tag must be added. That’s whats on this clockskin.xml. However, if I open it with CSM, both the background and the seconds hand are rotating counter-clockwise. Does this also happens on real watches?

Dowload link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2IPqTzLnvSPcWpXUy1EYTlocm8


I got it to rotate correctly by setting the blue image to rotate CW and the second hand to rotate the same way. Now the second hand goes clockwise, even though it says it’s counter. Go figure. I will try it on my watch as well.

OK, put it on my watch, worked correctly. Don’t know why CSM is working oddly.

Tested on my LEM5
It turns like CSM.
After all, if you want to rotate the second needle right, you need to change Direction to counter.

I do not understand why.
It just seems like a bug.

Or it seems to follow the previous value because it is the same second needle.

I managed to

Thank you for your feedback. It is a “bug” in the clockskin engine, then. I’ll have to work around it on WatchFace Designer

Anyway, we change the property of the second hand to counter direction, and it works!

Perhaps the direction option is 2, which is just the direction of rotation, and 3 is the value that only rotates in the opposite direction.
At first, I think the original clockwise direction is the default value.
Probably not a bug.

3 value is rotate counter-clockwise instead of just Reverse rotation

@Chris_Dunkle which version did you put in your watch? the “corrected” one, or the original one? Also, what is your watch, as it seems to be behaving differently than on LEM5?

I saw your video, and the background was turning clockwise.
We want the background to turn counterclockwise and the second needle to turn clockwise.

@1114 As I don’t have an Android watch, I can’t test these values (bigger than 2). But it seems that direction 2 (counter-clockwise) just means “invert the default direction for this rotation mode” and direction 1 (clockwise) means “keep the default rotation for this rotation mode” (or “ignore it”, in other words)

Marco: Yep this is not bug on CSM. The upper rotate element follow the rotate rules of lower element.

Not a bug ! It works like this in ClockSkin engine. Direction=2 means “change direction” for this counter (counter = second, minutes, or whatever), not CW or CCW. So if two layers use the same counter, the first to set direction=2 will change direction for all the other layers that uses the same counter and that will follow. To cancel this, the next layer that uses this counter has to put also direction=2. @Marco_Ferreira you can test on your Android phone using my Old standalone clockskin App http://roundandroidwatches.proboards.com/thread/387/clockskin-universal-launcher-standalone-app

But this feature exist on firmwares too, that can you set in CSM. like this: Multirotate 1, or 0 than counter. In this way, that will correct on watches.

@zsolt_m I’ve not checked but normally CSM works correctly…

@Eric_Crochemore CSM work here too ,like the fw-s , yes. As you said directions follow the rules as before set.

This seems that right.

image6.png 3 2 1

Ok, thank you all for your help and testing. I’ll change the output of WatchFace Designer to take this into account.
@Eric_Crochemore I’ll try your standalone clockskin app as well