I made two versions of this new watch,

I made two versions of this new watch, a modern-classical vision of a 2017 watch … Dark or White, you can choose both … Enjoy.
Download the pack : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2Ulb7UMmrQ5akRSYzZlVXJHcWM

Can you make it an apk file for kw88? And make it to the deepest black and the hand is green like glowing in the dark watches? Thankyou!

@CS_10 ​ would you like some ketchup and mustard with that too? You ask a lot from someone who already put allot of time and effort into the watchface.

@Ronald_Jansen ​ are you the author?I am just asking if he can do it. Lol. You are so funny!

@CS_10 Thank you for this idea, but I’m making only what I have in my mind, but feel free to use & modify it if you want different designs.

Works on No1 D5?

@Arturo_Jose_Maiorana it should …

@David_Teboul ​ thank you very much! I have a friend who can modify that to work on our KW88. Kudos! I love your watchfaces! They are very neat and beautiful

i tried to do my first kw88 watchface to help you. it is not perfect since the little hands not in place … but not bad i think …

Can someone tell me if i can fix the small hands in the small circle too ? and the date … or it can not be in the KW88 since only the h m s hands are customable?

@David_Teboul Hi, I noticed you realize very nice watchfaces…
I recently created a website(http://www.smartmonkey.it), regarding watches review and sale, and where there will be a section entirely dedicated to watchfaces developers from all over the world.
Would you be interested in, please write to info@http://smartmonkey.it attaching a short presentation about you (who you are, what’s your job, your hobbies, what kind of smartwatch you have, the reasons why you started developing faces…).
We will be pleased to hear from you soon, so we can explain you better our project.
Let’s keep in touch,

@adi_browner ​ I think the date will not work