I know this is a personal usage based question but still gotta ask it...I

I know this is a personal usage based question but still gotta ask it…I use the Finow X3 Plus based on the latest firmware and have Bluetooth on because of M2D usage…have not been able to get more than 8-10 hours of use…sync is off for Google account, no SIM, brightness is at lowest point, flip to open screen, and that is pretty much. How much battery life do you people usually get?

These are my only test results… hopefully somebody else will be able to give you more info… :slight_smile:



@Andrew_Davis so basically syncing the watch over bluetooth is gonna kill the battery in 7-8 hours…

@LokifishMarz what notification app do you use?

@Lokifish_Marz I must be doing something wrong lol …pedometer is running tho in my case…and have the health app as well…but I do not think it might eat the battery that fast

@Lokifish_Marz must say I walk a lot while at work when I have the watch on me

@Lokifish_Marz but I think there was a way how to kill the pedometer…

@Mile_Kolev These are test results for the D5 - mostly at rest and with lots turned off… not really the sort of data you’re after…

@Lokifish_Marz “Depending on how active you are, it can have a noticeable impact…”… that explains why I get 24-36 hours from one charge… :slight_smile:

Yeah I know… I once had a colleague who’s watch was a automatic (analog) and he complained it stood still one day. Others gave him the advice to for once do something :wink:

Lol I really want a day of use :slight_smile:

@Mile_Kolev i get almost a full day with my watch when i’m out gps, 3g and bt on and when i’m home 3g and gps off and bt and wifi on. the activity app runs all the time i workout about 2hr a day.

@sonia_sophie_ataunna then what can be causing this dramatic battery drain in my case? I use my watch mainly for notifications. It’s like 10-12% drain an hour…maybe more

Pedometer can be disable from “settings search” if you’re really not using it. I tried once disabled it but it defeating the purpose of having smartwatch watch on my opinion…

Question: Bluetooth ON, and also activated Bluetooth tethering that sharing data from my phone. This means Wifi always off. Does it eating more battery than having Bluetooth ON(Notification Syncing) and Wifi ON(Data/Internet) ?

@Md_Azim if i use 3g and bt and wifi on it drains the battery faster but if i use bt and wifi or bt and 3g than i get really great battery life. i try to shut off gps also when i’m indoor.

@Mile_Kolev maybe I need to recalibrate the battery

recalibration did not help…wifi and bluetooth on, m2d connected and after 7 hours of use I am at35%