I know it is too early to judge..but the I2 seems very stable product.

I know it is too early to judge…but the I2 seems very stable product. I am really impressed.
Many apps downloaded so far and GPServices already updated.
Only too points of future attention might be the rubber gasget to have it more secured, and again the watch faces download ability.
The leather strap might be needed to be little longer as well.
After breaking-in the battery for two fast charges yesterday and then left over night on 1Amp…for the last 7 hrs on 3G mode only it is 96%…similar to the Finow X5.
Very nice watch.

I like it too :slight_smile:
As for the rubber gasket - in my experience it’s best to leave it out altogether. It really does not serve much purpose …
I would advise you to be very careful with the rear cover screws.
Be careful to not over-tighten them.
I like the Google now inclusion and the watch faces are not too bad either.
I agree about the issue of not being able to change them with our own custom faces - very annoying !!!
It’s all because of:
Contact details:
Phone: 18820255115 Lee 13,701,871,604 Sun
Fax: 021-54409907
E-mail: zl.sun@sinsoftech.com
Contact: Lee Sun
Address: Minhang District Wanyuan Road, Shanghai 2 Business Center, third floor
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Will contact them…thanks for your advises…
BTW…google now is working on all other watchs too…what amazed me is the shortcut swipe.

Dam…i like this watch.

The shortcut for google i mean.

@Khalid_Naji yeah - it’s a nice watch :slight_smile:

Sent a good email to mr Sun…hope they will take my advises though.