I just wanted to put something out there about the Thor 4 Dual Competition.

I just wanted to put something out there about the Thor 4 Dual Competition. I was incorrectly credited for the “terra” watchface. Albeit it not being the winning face, as nice as it is, I can’t rightfully take credit for work I didn’t do. I just wanted to find out who did do that face, so the zip can be corrected and the face can be credited properly. Thank you for your help. @SmartWatch_Ticks , I posted about this on YouTube as well.

Found it! Fixed it! It was authored by Thiago Cavendish. Appreciate the quick notification.

Got another odd situation similar to the hour hand on the Valentine’s watch, its the fact that the minute hand on the Ryoshi_LazerWewd is stuck pointing at 12 now and the hour hand and second hand are correct… Been watching the minute hand stay on 12 for over an hour now. Can you check that code, too?

@SmartWatch_Ticks Sorry, I forgot to add the autorotation. I will repost here. I’ll see what’s going on for the Valentine’s Day one. And post here too.

Here is the fixed LazerWewd Download:

Valentine’s is because rotation is 7 and should be 1.

@SmartWatch_Ticks Found out the issue with the Valentine’s Day watch as well. Hour hand was set for 24 Hour rotation, not Hour . Fixed it as well. Here is the fixed Valentine’s Day Download. Both of these have the X and KW engine files. Here it is:

Thanks. I’m only loading up the KW versions in the ZIPpack, as that’s what works on the Thor 4 Dual. I’ll upload them to the Google Drive now. This was the last one to fix, as far as I know.

OK, everything’s up with corrections at http://tinyurl.com/androidwatches
Hope they all work! Rebuilt the index file as well as the previous hands were off on the images. All sequenced for 10:10 now. Time for a long overdue shower!

@SmartWatch_Ticks Sorry for the tech issues in the video, but I thought your comments on them were funny. I also appreciated the nice comments about the gears on the Tripsum face. That was my main face for this competition. Part of me wishes I’d have been picked, but I’m keeping my hopes up. As Walt Disney once said, “Keep moving forward!”

Glad you noticed. I wanted to draw folks in to take a closer look (sometimes viewers get busy with other things and I need to be a little dramatic to get them back to the screen when something really cool is worth seeing). As for glitches, hey, we’re always a work in progress, and things won’t be perfect, so it’s fun to play withe them. We’ve fixed them all up in the end. That’s what matters as new watch users start to delight in viewing them on their own watches. Really appreciate you participating.

@Marco_Ferreira I was looking at the Classical Black watchface, the one with the balancing wheel and the 300° Power meter. It said that it was done in WFD 0.14.2 Beta. Is that available yet and does it allow for that larger power meter? I have a face that could really use it. I believe 0.14.1 only allows for 180° rotation for the power dial. I tried to go through the proboard, but my computer is having issues at the moment. I can download, but I can’t post. Not on Tapatalk, either.