I just wanted to let y'all know that although I haven't put out any

I just wanted to let y’all know that although I haven’t put out any watch faces recently, I haven’t given up on it. Between school starting and the current US government shutdown, I haven’t had a lot of time to work. That being said, I do have several projects and WIPs. I am still trying to work on the OCRemix project. I am also working on a customizable led digital watch. It’ll have drop-down led numbers with standard and modified numbers. It’ll also currently be available in 4 different colours(red, blue, green, and either orange or pink. If you have a specific colour you want, just put it below and I will try to accommodate). I’m trying to work on a few other faces as well. Lastly, outside of this community, I am working on a solar phone charger project. I am currently working on the schematic and looking forward to progressing to the construction part.Anyways, I may comment here and there and possibly take a request every once in a while. Otherwise, I may not post faces for a while. I thank y’all for your understanding and support. Looking forward towards a productive and educational 2019!

After consideration, I wanted to add that the LED face is going to be a learner watch. Although the red version will be posted completed, other colours will require WFD to put together. It’ll encourage others to experiment and learn about animations on watches.

@Nicholas_Herczeg best of luck man on solar project!! Nice to hear positive things like this. If possible maybe this color (Teal maybe?)missing/deleted image from Google+

@Ameer_Salam Thanks, man. If you want, I’ll be posting the solor project schematic on my profile, outside of the community, if you want to try it yourself or modify it. It’ll get more in detail about my vision and what I am trying to do. Just realize that each frame of each number on my watch has to be created individually (I have an A and B sub-frames for many, depending on what style you want. A is block style where B is rounded.), then I need to create a batch file to copy and rename the files, then go through each new frame and apply the new color. It’s going to take a while. I am going to post the red color in both formats, with a download link for each and have a third download with all the assets for people to put together with WFD. It’ll encourage people to download the program and experiment. You can have all the digits the same colour, have the hours as one colour and the minutes as another or have all digits as different colours. I’m planning on including a text file (probably PDF) detailing how to put it together, including the animations and how to export the files for their watch type and put it on their watch. I can’t wait to see what the community thinks of my LED learner watch.

@Nicholas_Herczeg sounds good bud. :call_me_hand: