I just managed to install clockfaces on my KW88.

I just managed to install clockfaces on my KW88.
Using TSF launcher and Homebutton 2, I was able to install a large amount of clocks. Also I was able to repurpose the power button as a back/home button on single press and double press to power off the screen.
One thing still needs to be solved is the switching between full and small screen option (if you long press power) very often causes the clockfaces to resize to a smaller one. Manual resizing has to be performed on every widget/clockface each time.
Trying to find the trigger that auto-resizes in TSF shell.

Video and instructions to follow.

waiting video

@Kenneth_Tan_Fotograf ​ can you post pictures of watchfaces you were able to install? Thanks.

I was able to put new clock face in alternate way
1.install nova launcher.
2.make nova as default home.
3.hide app drawer.
4.use any clock widget for clock face.
5.resize the widget to fill screen.

Only dis advantage is evertime you change widget it needs to be resized. And i could not get many widget designes…

Is there any way to convert the available beautiful clock faces to android widget?

Nice. I’m waiting for the video !!

Genius!!! Thank you

Try this app to make widgets


I’ll try to doo the same with my Zeblaze Blitz.
Thnks for sharing your results/tests

Thank you @Fabio for this tip. I’ll test it tonight! looks promising.
Now just how to fix/stop the auto-resizing of widgets.

@Kenneth_Tan_Fotograf your welcome!!!

@Fabio The app works great as you have already noticed. You need the paid version though, as the free is limited in use and is not able to import ZW files.

@Kenneth_Tan_Fotograf i have the paid version…it’s a must have like Nova and tasker… Did you know you Can use variabile of tasker in zooper ?

For now, I’ll need the paid versions for Tasker and Zooper. Novalauncher probably the free version. Going to add gestures by another free app if memory consumption allows.
Although it’s not much to pay for an excellent PRO version, some people are having problems with paying for software at all costs.
So I’ll figure out both ways.