I installed floating toucher on my D5,

I installed floating toucher on my D5, it 's ok for use,but sometime it is hide or disappear off my smart face,i dont know how to recall it back.please help and share if you can solve the matter.

I have the same problem with floating toucher being inconsistent and dissappeering from time to time

Not disappear. The floating toucher it’s made for working in smartphone (normal display), and we make working in a round display. Sometimes the icon stay in the zone (out of round) and we have the illusion they have disappear.

Force stop the app, then restart it or restart the watch and try not to accidentally drag it off the edge of the screen. I keep mine at just after the 9 o’clock position, just above the keyboard.

Sérgio is correct. If stopping and restarting floating toucher does not make it re-appear, then the icon may be in a spot where you can’t see it. This is because the app is designed for a square display, and our round watches don’t have corners :slight_smile:. This happened to me once when I swiped the icon off the watch face screen by mistake. It “disappeared” but only on my watch face - it was actually in a corner where I couldn’t see it.

To fix this I used Mobizen. I guess you could use any app that gives you remote control of your watch. On Mobizen I found the icon sitting in a corner, and moved it back to the watch face screen using my mouse.

Every time, when I clean apps working in the background - floating toucher’s dot dissappears. Than I click on watch face (to get to watch Settings), scroll down and tap on floating toucher icon. That’s it - transparent dot reactivate itself.

OK gang, this is real simple. So simple they failed to mention it. The default setting is for the dot to disappear if you long press on it (and other things can cause it to disappear). To get it back, from you watch face scroll over to your notifications page and tap on the Floating Toucher notification. Boing! It’s back. IF it isn’t, it’s off the screen and you need to follow @Riccardo_Brognara advice.

I try to scroll over to notifications page and tap on the floating toucher but nothing appear.

Try launching FT from the app drawer again to make sure it is active. Then check notifications. It should be listed there. If not, double check the configuration setup within FT.