I have some doubts about kw88, so would like to clarify, before buying:

I have some doubts about kw88, so would like to clarify, before buying:
Notifications with Sinwear work well?
GPS works well? I read some problems capture …
It is possible to reject and answer calls when connected to the phone via bluetooth (without using SIM on the clock)?
I also read that the battery is weak … it has improved with firmware update?
Thank you

  1. Notifications are working IF BT-Connection is stable (not that stable, though)
  2. GPS is ONLY working if you assist using WLAN or GSM
  3. You can reject calls, answering never really worked fro me
  4. 2nd Gen KW88 uses a 450 mAh battery with lasts roughly one day

Dear Antonio,

Please see my answers:

  • notifications with Sinwear work well as soon as there is connection between KW88 and phone; no automatic reconnection, so you should do it manually or by using some Tasker profile for automatization; you will receive by default notifications for missed calls, SMS, Gmail or Phone Email app, or any other notifications that couldn’t be managed by Sinwear app.
  • no GPS use in my case, no feedback from my part
  • no possibility to answer or reject the call; but, you could install Tablet phone app (in Google play store, ~4 USD) and answer (Bluetooth headphones required) or reject calls, or read and reply to SMS directly from the watch
  • the battery life is acceptable as soon as you will not use it heavily; by using only Bluetooth tethering, I get a day of battery life; as soon as Super power starts - mine is set up to start at 5%, you couldn’t change or use too much the watch (only time and battery percentage show and access only to recent apps); after last firmware update, this Super power feature came in.

These are my impressions; if, at certain points, I’m wrong, please correct or advise me.

Thanks and all the best to everyone!

@Vmax but it is not strange that the GPS does not work without data on? May be a specific problem of yours?
Someone can capture GPS without linked data?
@Eduard_Paduraru Thanks

Guys, other experiences?

@Antonio_Praca ​​​ Sinwear needs some work but works well when connected. Bluetooth pairing was difficult with Nexus 6p but much better with OnePlus 2. Wish that bluetooth would reconnect automatically when away from phone for a while. Don’t know if that’s sinwear software or phone configuration. I use RunKeeper app. without sim card and no data connection and GPS works well even in the woods, area covered with trees.

@Antonio_Praca it uses AGPS and so needs data as well.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 but AGPS is “only” a help to gps get the signal soon … should get without AGPS. My old Zgpaz S8 works with data on (faster) but too with data off.

Well, I have to say that with GPS test from the play store - I can get a gps signal - without a sim card. Once it’s done it’s easier. First time takes a while though. I had to reboot a couple of times as well.

Just retestet it with my brand new I2 using GPS Test and you are right: FIRST time ever it go a (very weak) signal. Had to have the display on!

I like Kw88 because have camera!
Even with some limitations, it will be a good option to buy for $91?

If you can get it for $91, buy it!!!

Yes, I can… at everbuying. Have a email promo and have some points too. Final is in fact is $91 :slight_smile:

Yes - good deal - just check what the firmware version is so you know you are not buying old stock. It should be at the least 20160801 for the better fixed model.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Will do. But even if not very recent, then can be updated by OTA, right?

The firmware can be updated, the only physical difference are the antenna’s in the watchband.
Only if you’re in Europe, that doesn’t make a difference.

@Kenneth_Tan yes… Europe, Portugal.
You mean have antenna problems but in Europe is not a problem?

No that should not be a problem.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ??

I am suggesting that you check if it is an older version or not because the battery was improved and some materials used were improved. For instance - the newer versions have a different back case which does not crack so easily as well as battery improvements.
As far as 3G goes - if your provider can use the 2100 band or 900 in Europe - you should be fine. However - some users report that even though their provider uses 2100 band the APNs were not included on the watch.
In short - the new version is much better and may be worth paying a little extra for.

One more question about kw88: by rotating the wrist shows the face or just simple digits of hours … I saw that in a review but I have doubts.

It shows the digits .