I have my KW88 for almost 3 weeks now.

I have my KW88 for almost 3 weeks now. And I observed that it spontaneously reboots every day at least 1 time.
Of course this could also be an “installed software” problem. I’ve installed lot’s of apps (and removed) to test the capabilities of the watch.
I know the next remark will be “return to factory” and start over. But I just wanted to put the question out there, if others also have this problem.

Strange side-note. Having the watch fully charged at 11:00 hours yesterday, and only using it +/- 10x to look for the time and WiFi on, the charge is still 73%. It’s now 09:00 (22 hours!)

This is a symptom (in a positive way) since the last 3 days.
I have a lot of apps installed including Novalauncher and Zooper pro, with background update ENABLED.
All notifications are off.

Going to let it run dry today, see how long it keeps working. Interesting…

Never happened with mine in kw88.

But happened with zeblaze stock firmware particularly on complete 3g standalone mode and noticed when you walk to much…5 to 6km for example at one shot.
After flashing the firmware posted in this forum…this issue gone or happened once maybe.

The battery issue I noticed with all these china watches that best way is 1AMP charge over night and watch is turned off. After this it will go normally for two days having background operations off. This is my general observation to them all.
Also battery indicators are not 100% accurate of the charge did not reach 100% during charge.
To test it…see the readings while it is On…then turn Off then connect the charge and check reading for the battery…if same as On it means it was charged in good way regardless how much left.

Forget to add that my kw88 also was flashed with a new firmware posted in this forum.

For me on KW88 few times observed very slow discharge like battery level dropping to only 80% by the end of the day but watch switches off completely when battery is at 75%… Issue with battery indication may be…

@Khalid_Naji which new firmware?

Here we ago as said.
Normal with these watches.
Just take care of the charge process…it will be great.
Also use some of the apps that wake up lazy battery micro cells.
They are useful too.

I’m very skeptical about these lazy battery cells apps. The Lipo battery is a passive component without a protecting circuit on board. It has no lazy cells to configure.
There’s a (again) passive BCM/PC on the watch pcb. (Battery Charge Module and Protection Circuit). And that’s all. Android get’s a signal on Battery fully charged, charging or depleted.
Android can only guestimate battery charge by analyzing over time the use by time and installed apps.
The wake up lazy battery cells is a cover story to sell adds in the app. it might change something in the android config so you might perceive a positive change in battery life.
You cannot change this android analysis table without ROOT.

Since i flash latest firmware kernel locate a + signal reboots stoped
With root i erase battery data and set powersave governor when idle but i use it to test faces and have not test idle time
I thing that i have over 3 hours ontimescreen teasing zooper and tasker

It’s now 10:20 -> 23 1/2 hours into the charge. Watch has again rebooted. Battery charge at 70%. Screen is at full brightness all the time (but it’s not on very often during this test)

George, could you please rephrase you answer, I cannot decode it.

@Khalid_Naji what’ 1AMP charge?

Pablo11 has post latest firmware to comunity with kernel to have a + signal for those with different 3g band
I sptool this firmware and reboots stoped…

Ok, that’s clear. I’ll upgrade.
Nothing in the information given before pointed that it also resolved this issue. I’ll flash tomorrow. And report back

so probably the reboots could be due to that we forced the APN settings when we got the watch through a monthly planned sim card, and the watch was trying to achieve good signal reception on 3G but could not. With that new Zeblaze firmware it was solved.
hhhhhhhmmmm…maybe indeed that was the case . I am guessing here I am not technical.

this also give me explanation why it was always happened during my walking outdoors workouts!!! on the Zeblaze.


@Khalid_Naji Not the case with my watch. BT and 3G are off. No sim installed.

It’s now 26 hours and the watch is @66 percent charge.

So simply a bug. Hope you resolve it after updating.

I’m back from work. Had a look at the watch and expected it to be powered of with depleted battery. IT WASN’T!!
38 hours now, battery at 50%. Don’t know what’s happening?
WiFi is on and connected.
Going to sleep now, see what’s tomorrow gives. I’ll try to print out the battery history. This is too crazy.

PS my IQI I2 rebooted also today. Battery was 25%.

@Kenneth_Tan ​ I have had this same experience with the battery lasting a couple of days and I cannot reproduce it. It seems to be a fluke. Now the watch battery just lasts around 12 hours again…
The firmware update I posted was given to us with no changelog and certainly no mention of the reboot bug. The only difference was supposed to be the additional 3g band…

The watch just shut down. Of course seconds after the low power warning. All around 22%.
It lasted for 47 hours and 45 minutes with Wifi on. Very good.

Be interested to see if you can reproduce these results. I have been unable to do so after a similar experience…