I have made this clockskin . The Oulm .

I have made this clockskin .
The Oulm .
This is a cheap watch that you can buy on the internet for about 16 euro’s.
It looks a bit like a Diesel watch.

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Wow, that looks really great!

@G1NT0N1C Thx.

@bricky_vl nice :+1::+1:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Thank you !!

@bricky_vl Nice looking but the numbers for the date isn’t showing up on my Zeblaze Thor Pro the box is blank could it be my watch? Its ok though I still like it and it looks great on my watch thank you very much.

@Kevin_Stueber Hi
Do you have the Universal launcher installed on your watch otherwise this watch face don’t work properly.

@bricky_vl I’m not sure when I download any faces that has two options of stock or universal I always download the one listed under universal and for the most part all but a few faces work just fine.