I have just updated my KW88 to OTA-20160921.

I have just updated my KW88 to OTA-20160921.
I can confirm that support for custom watchfaces in APK has been removed from launcher (Watchnew.apk) completely. I have checked the code!
So far I haven’t found any sign for alternative watchfaces support.

You can fix it by flashing the full version on the new forum dated 20130921

But I’m guessing that you you know that already :slight_smile:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Yes I know that, 10x! The point here is that it’s not a bug in the launcher, it was intentionally removed without an alternative provided! What’s going on with Kingwear-Sinsoft tandem?

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 I could not get X3+ firmware deodexed (I’m using linux and most of the tools for deodexing are running on win). Could you please try to deodex it?
Check this: https://harry-rom.blogspot.bg/2016/01/tool-mtk-thai-deodexer.html

I’ll see what I can do. I run both Win and Linux

Intentionaly … OK… What we feared…
Read here there have been contact with Kingwear? They would contact Sinsoftech about it? Wonder if they know the intended part. After our mail and requests.
I really do find this very very wrong.
@Smash_Smashin how are you coming along with your quest? Do you think we will have a way of adding CF like the normal and costume friendly devices?

@Martin_Nijhuis hang on - slow down.
Where did you see intentionally ?
We talk to KingWear almost every day - as we are in a relationship with them. There is no “conspiracy theory” here.
KingWear would not support what Sinsoft have done and will probably take issue with them over this.
However - the person we talk to at KW has gone on leave to be married and will be returning around the 10th Oct.
At this time we will find out what is happening for sure.
Please be patient.

@Martin_Nijhuis I’ve talked to Kingwear and I have a clear impression that they don’t know that this has happened to the OTA version. It would do them more harm then good. They are back in the office on the 8th and I’ll bet this will be discussed in the early morning pow-wow.

Most definitely - 8th is sooner than I expected - good.

Well that’s what they told me this afternoon.
I desperately need a new power switch in my KW88 and can’t wait for the big parts shipment that’s coming. I often can’t power on my watch.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 @Kenneth_Tan misinterpreted the word intentionally in tekst from Smash Smashin… Sorry for that…

Most in China should start work on the 8th. Oct 1st to 7th is their “Golden Week”, independence day holiday.