I have a question! May be its noob! But cant find a better place.

I have a question! May be its noob! But cant find a better place.

I saw Android wear watch faces have fundtionality. like you touch and change things. That cant be done on Android watch faces?

And the vital question!


So, basically if we want “eye candy” WF, with different functionality in one place, it must be an apk, not sending files to a ClockSkin folder. We have all to assume that in this matter, WF in a pure android watch is light years beyond Wear. What we really need? Some great developer to figure how to emulate “*.watch” in our SW. Just my 2cts…

Short time ago, I saw launcher which was pure android wear. I’ll try to find it if it is useful for anything… Nevertheless, I think that the real effort of this community should be precisely finding a way to implement wear WF…

@Lokifish_Marz ​, please read this:

OK. Here is the aprouch on that moment:


I’ve had both and will never go back to AndroidWear. Can’t stand being permanently tethered to my phone (and thats best case, if everything works). Love the standalone aspect of Android watches.
(Sorry Pablo I know this is wandering off the watch-faces only criteria)

Well, this post is all related with watchfaces in my opinion… @Lokifish_Marz ​, so you are searching for launchers in order to do what exactly?

I’m just wonder is the following API or programming suitable to be used on standalone watch?