I finished it in 3 days I will send free for everyone in a

I finished it in 3 days
I will send free for everyone in a short time.
thank for watching. ^^
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hello Hello dear friend’s I yesterday bought kw88 Its a nice watch. Kindly tell me how to get new watchfaces? I saw many videos on YouTube but I don’t got any idea how to do it. Plz help m

Great work @Vi_t_Ng_c_Le is this design your own?
@Djallel_Benmdjahed use the universal launcher by @Eric_Crochemore . You will be able to install all the faces you want :slight_smile:

@Djallel_Benmdjahed T1: you just connect wifi / 3G, then download facewatch in “online library”.
T 2: connecting to a computer watch as usb. in G drive (usb) create a folder named “ClockSkin”, then put the document (folder skins) into it. is finished.

tanks pleas take me bibliotheque ?

@Djallel_Benmdjahed sorry but I do not understand?

Would love it, thank you


I want the online library download site?

@Djallel_Benmdjahed : hi bro! This way you try it anyway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTpXdXtRjA0

@Vi_t_Ng_c_Le as I said to you before - did any of the images you used to create this come from anywhere else? Designed by someone else? If you do not reply or do not credit the original designer - I will be forced to delete this post. These are the rules…

hi brother, this is designed by me and is my idea. I can assure.
I designed it from idea here: https: //http://goo.gl/CqsP5S

Oaaaah! Looks great. Good job
When are you going to share it?
Thanks for you effort

@Vi_t_Ng_c_Le That’s great. I hope you are not offended. We have to ask everyone as we don’t want any legal issues from designers or manufacturers etc …
The GRAFF watch company is ok with you using this material?

Viết Ngọc Lê thanks thanks thanks !!

thanks thanks thanks
Pablo Eleven (Pablo11

@Juan_Jose wait me, 4 day after, I would donate it for you. ^^

it’s here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/109827242607524552712/stream/19c30560-6623-434f-9e61-14edf6033b92

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