I don't want to get kicked from the community for asking this but...

I don’t want to get kicked from the community for asking this but… Is there a way to flash my No.1 D5+ Smart Watch so it is Android Wear?

Please do some research before you ask. If not, you would probably get kicked. :wink: And no for all these watches.

One of these might work…

Thanks for the comments guys. @Will_Smith Does searching the internet 5 hours with no solid results count as research?

I’m struggling to find a good enough reason to keep this watch, I’ve basically paid £100 for a watch I can change the skins on, I wanna be able to control my phones media with it, answer and reject calls on my mobile with it… I think I bought the wrong watch to start with.

Sorry for my last comment it sounded negative and ungrateful. I just wanna say this is a great community and the work you guys put in to making watch faces is very much appreciated. I’d love to be able to design and contribute too.

@Rogue_Diablos Sorry, maybe all these posts have been removed. But Android wear OS is quite different with Android watch OS. (just like someone said they put a full Android into a watch) And because of this, Android watch become an open user interface.