I don't know if this is a legal rebranding of the Kingwear KW88 or

I don’t know if this is a legal rebranding of the Kingwear KW88 or someone trying to start a lucrative business?

The specs are also either exaggerated or parts left out for convenience:
450mA/h battery and 5Mpix camera (without SW/HW indication)

Oh, and the Price: € 249,- / $278,-
(That will buy almost 3 from Kingwear)


The price is brazenly. But the Battery is again different.

It’s actually commom for Chinese companies to sell the rights to re-brand their merchandise. Lucky for us because we know that it is the Kingwear KW88. Not everyone will know that.

Awatch do this kind of thing.

Manufacturer keep rights to make a deal and spread their product with different company’s , as you know Kingwear and Finow manufacturer’s are not their own, they getting from different one.

Awatch stratosphere…is zeblaze Blitz…but costs 250 dollars instead of 100…shameless… ( Awatch is from my city…Milan…)

This Comet model was on “presale” a long time. Even switched to this final KW88 a few weeks ago.
It’s good the be on the inside looking out.

And now, because of this thread google search will pick this link up and add it to the search results.

Are you sure, that the KW88 is developed by KingWear?

Actually the board is used in many many different watches. The case is the only difference and its not exactly owned by anybody - they all copy each other over there anyway.

So far looking at the video of @SmartWatch_Ticks the only one that had a duplicate pcb was the ZblitZ/Z9/S99, but your probably right, they could be all based on default example schematics/pcb from the mtk processor.

Yes - that’s what I meant. They can vary very slightly to suit the situation but the board is almost exactly the same for all