I do not know, or if you know, or has already been said,

I do not know, or if you know, or has already been said, but have a new update for NO.1 D5.
2016 Mar 30: https://goo.gl/NykB08

I already installed this firmware a couple of days ago and the first day there was a battery draining issue that disappeared after a complete charge with the smartphone disconnected.
Also the date is wrong, the firmware is from 2016/May/30 (mot March).

what does it add?

The only new things noted so far are:
-After solving the draining battery issue, battery life seems to be improved (after 48h it still had 64%);
-The possibility to install OTA watches faces have been improved with lots of “new” watch faces, most of them made by this amazing D5 community.

Thanks guys, I don’t have a battery problem so I’ll probably hold of.

@Pedro_Monteiro , yes, it is 2016/05/30, and is also true that the battery improved. Now it takes much longer to drain.
@Lokifish_Marz , and yes, the faces are still on their server, not erased.

@Sergio_Paulo1 what? The faces are still there? @Lokifish_Marz ​ can you confirm please? I can see some but none seem to be able to be installed.

How do I upgrade? Any instructions somewhere?

In the guides section

Hi @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 , yes the faces are still there.
Not all but some are still. Probably or eventually someone gave permission to stay. I suppose…

Auto update weather forecasts not work with this firmware on my no1d5 watch, bug?

As I said when you asked in the other thread - try a factory reset.
We did not publish this particular (X1/D5) firmware because it was buggy.
We actually recommended that you don’t install it.
The X3 version which was published was more stable and also works on X1/D5/K9 models.
Just don’t flash the pre-loader. This way if you have any issue you can go back to using stock firmware. And make sure you select download mode in SP Tool or you will lose your IMEI and MAC address.

Hi. Could you please let me know from where I can find the latest stable firmware for X1?

@Lokifish_Marz Thanks for your reply. I am so sorry but this is my first day using Google + after I messed up my 1 day old Fino X1. May I please ask you to send me the post link where I can find the latest X1 firmware as I am lost in the posts and I cannot find it.

Thanks in advance

@Lokifish_Marz A special thanks goes to Mr Lokifish Marz and +SmartWatch Ticks for the help and YouTube video instructions as without them, I would have thrown away my Finow X1. I’ve managed to resolve the black screen issue by re-flashing it.