I DID IT !!! (Still an homage to Sinn watches… but could work with

I DID IT !!!

(Still an homage to Sinn watches… but could work with any watch ;o)

As you can see on these pictures, the minutes indices, the “Sinn” logo, the date, the screw (above the 6), the “made in germany” are no more visible at midnight !

They progressively come darker and darker then lighter and lighter… on a 24 hours cycle…

Wanna discuss about that ? ;o)

The thing is the watch folder is a bit heavy (300KB) and the multiple layers rotations might drain the battery (I don’t have a watch yet, still waiting for my D5+) so I can’t test it on areal watch (i use “myClockSkin” ;o)

Anyone wants to try it ?
Let me know !

Did I mention this works on D5+ watches ? No programming, no “lua” variables…
Nothing but rotations… :slight_smile:

Tim (or any other cool guy) : join me by email to try it : rtlannuzel at gmail dot com.
If you owd a D5+ or similar that’s eveb better !

Love to try it, just emailed you!

Fantastic idea, well done!


Hello… If you’re interested, just email me, i’ll send you the zip file to test it (before final publishing)
(works on D5+… and other i guess)

@Roland_Tanguy_Lannuz Hi, I noticed you realize very nice watchfaces…
I recently created a website(http://www.smartmonkey.it), regarding watches review and sale, and where there will be a section entirely dedicated to watchfaces developers from all over the world.
Would you be interested in, please write to info@http://smartmonkey.it attaching a short presentation about you (who you are, what’s your job, your hobbies, what kind of smartwatch you have, the reasons why you started developing faces…).
We will be pleased to hear from you soon, so we can explain you better our project.
Let’s keep in touch,


I’m on holiday in Kenya right now. I shall publish the final version of this watch by the end of the year ! Stay tuned !

Nice!! Can somebody make this for a KW88 in apk.

I wish I knew how to make an APK. If someone knows, i’d really like to participate. BTW there is a more recent post for this post (with a link to the final version)