I cannot live without my favorite watch so I have made a "backup" for

I cannot live without my favorite watch so I have made a “backup” for my smartwatch Finow Q3. :slight_smile:

Created with ClockSkinMaker
Original Design by alberto nicosia
STEALTH and its watchface is a trademark of Locman Italy.
This is an homage to one of the most beautiful clock they have produced.
You can find the STEALTH collection at:


So beautiful.thank you

Smashing work, looks great!!

Work with kw88?

@Michael_Grigiac Michael I think it works but you have to ask to someone that can make for you for a conversion to apk. I have no way to test because I haven’t that smartwatch :frowning:

@Alberto_Nicosia if I have your permission…I will convert this to and apk that can be used with the KW88.

@Michael_Hodges how can you convert it to APK?

@Michael_Grigiac I will use @lana_masaya method with APK Easy tool

@Michael_Grigiac ​ done!

missing/deleted image from Google+

@Michael_Hodges can you uploud the apk?

@Michael_Grigiac Enjoy

@Alberto_Nicosia I’m not going to broadcast the apk if someone happens to look through this thread and find it …cool

@Michael_Hodges tnx :slight_smile:

I’m happy you both liked it. It look nice on kw88. If you distribute please use always my credits.

I did my version with Hubolt hands
missing/deleted image from Google+

@Fabio_Lio maybe the color of these hands aren’t very good for this face but of course the mine it’s a subjective point of view.

Hi Alberto Nicosia. Is there a guide on how to upload Watchfaces to Finow Q3?
Sorry, but I’m totally newbie in this. I bought Q3 just 3 days ago.

I like the Locman watchface and i want it on my Q3.