i came across "gear watch designer" they've created a beta version for the mac

i came across “gear watch designer” they’ve created a beta version for the mac and PC.
the app looks great but when i try to run it on my mac it gives me an error.
has anyone had any success with running it?

Posting a link would help…

Hi DC… which Gear watch have you got?

@Kenneth_Tan http://developer.samsung.com/gear/design/watch-designer

Yes I have the App 3 days ago…amazing one and fun.
Gettinng ready for the Frontier.

I doubt that you will need it…companies are already doing thousands of watch faces for this new S3…and watchmaker as well.

What does this have to do with Android watches ? Unless you are wondering if this face maker can somehow be used to make faces for android watches?

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 I asked @Doug_Cross which Gear watch he had… but I too think that it’s a, “Design-a-widgetty-face-and-transfer-it-across” kind of idea…

@Andrew_Davis yep - I had a look at the options and it’s a Wear type api which just does not work for us - yet…

Yes…this App for Tizen only S3 and S2…but atleast when buying a watch you are not locked with factory faces being set only.

And just doing work around with widgets, launchers…etc?
Unless you have a plenty of time to experiment !!!