I bought a new kw88 SmartWatch from GEARBEST and am very excited to try

I bought a new kw88 SmartWatch from GEARBEST and am very excited to try downloading the new faces as shown on this post, but every time I tried to install them, my watch cannot read the file, saying it was a zipped file.
Can anyone please help me on how to install these downloads, or what sorts of apps do I need to install first in order to make the file to be able to work on my watch.
Your help is very much appreciated and I hope to have an answer soon.


Cannot seems to catch up with what you mean. Please be more specific. Is there any sorts of apps from the store which I can download so my watch can install the software?

he x-refd a link to another post, giving instructions on how to. alternatively you can search the web on how to install watchfaces to your device.

Here’s another link to download the launcher required to use the many available watchfaces and read the tutorials there too :- http://roundandroidwatches.proboards.com/thread/387/clockskin-universal-launcher-standalone-app

Can anyone tell me where to get a new battery for kw88 SmartWatch and how to install the new battery?

@Alex_Ambal what happened to your current battery? Don’t think that there is anyone selling a replacement battery.

So, where do you think I can get a replacement for my battery then? The current one lasts only a few hours and it went dead again even after a full charge.

Jeg har samme problem