I apologise in advance if everyone already knew this,

I apologise in advance if everyone already knew this, if you long press the heart rate/step counter, music or weather app you can add or remove these from slide options from the watch face.

I wish I had known this the other day as somehow I accidentally swiped to the music app and started playing music at full volume at work, much to the annoyance of my boss!

I didn’t know that… :slight_smile: … do you think that we’ll ever be able to add “other” things?

@Andrew_Davis ​ I hope other things could be added, are these in effect just shortcuts to the application itself?

I’ve just checked it : you can delete one of these three windows and you can add one of these three, sorry no others or more ( that would be great )

@mina_steve_A It is unfortunate the inconvenience with your boss, but that feature was already known and we also know that only widget embedded in the launcher could be added there. That’s a pity.

Deleting is easy, but can you add?

With the stock launcher you can only add one of those three, which were already there, no others.

Just tried these steps which worked on my X5: I wanted weather to be swipe right from home screen. I deleted music player and health and then re-added both. So the order is now home - weather - music - health.
I was able to re-add 2 of them.