I am sorry for asking this.

I am sorry for asking this. Can someone explain to me the benefits of installing the Eric launcher? I have a Lemfo LEM5. Can I install it? Do I lose something by installing it?

If you ask the question, then you probably don’t need to install it. :grinning:

What do we lose? Good point :slight_smile: I suppose the only thing we lose is the oportunity to complain about the stock launcher.

Hi! Establish what advises you Eric Crochemore. Surely together with a launcher. At Lemfo LEM5 autonomy work is better, than at KW88. But, I hope that soon there will be a new version of OTA updating for KW88 and a part of problems of KW88 influencing autonomy will be solved.

Maybe I didn’t explained myself before. I was trying to know the features of having the launcher installed and if by doing it I lose something, like clockskins or other apps. Sorry. Does it drain the battery too much?

@Diego_Torres it’s basically the same thing as when you install a different launcher on your phone (go launcher, nova launcher, etc).
So no data loss or so. It’s just an app that runs over the standard software, may be uninstalled any time and the difference from the stock launcher is that you can personalise your watch in a different way. Try it yourself and you’ll see

@Lokifish_Marz +100

@Lokifish_Marz Thank you man! So no weather data or heart rate on faces are the only cons? I am going to try it!