I also have a wear watch and never noticed Zuhanden's Ranger and Odyssey have

I also have a wear watch and never noticed Zuhanden’s Ranger and Odyssey have widgets also that kinda work on the kw88. I am not sure it can be customized or the indicators will function properly. The settings do open and you can change the faces to the round versions.

Nice find, that means that we could use watchfaces for Andorid Wear, at least some of them. Great news!

For install my k88??

@Ciro_Danise yep the widget function works cos it’s 5.1 android but need a little work on fitting the screen. Still pretty cool though and with Apex launcher using a lot less battery mixed with this - pretty good :slight_smile:

Link link please

Google play store

Name this app ???

@Francesco_F_Monkey_s please take some time to read some of the information here. If you keep on the way you are going saying “link please” in every thread you visit - I don’t think you will be a member for very long. I am not being rude - I have seen you do this now at least four times in various ways.
This community is here for YOU. Use it - read the amazing information that has been gathered here for you. It’s insulting to people when you can’t be bothered to read the very easy to understand information here.
Please have a think about it.

Go to play store and look for ranger watchface. Also odyssey, combo, and legacy have widgets that work on the kw88

Its not work on i2 :sweat:

@Elad_Hen are you using Apex or a different launcher? The stock launcher will not work.

I was try with apex

I try after with nova and maked me the watch in small