Huh... It seems, that in addition to the three apps usually listed in the

It seems, that in addition to the three apps usually listed in the D5’s AppStore app, three new ones have been added-- YouTube, Chrome and Skype…


I noticed that on the FINOW X3 when I was checking it out. I thought it was just on the X3. Well, I just tried my X1 and the new ones are there, too. You’re finding it on your D5 (just checked and they are there on my D5 as well). Two different companies. Same basic watch. Server end update. Makes you wonder who’s administering that special app store.

Indeed, though I think it’s the same company who makes all the above.

Makes me wonder if the versions in the AppStore are more smartwatch-friendly than the versions in the Google Play Store app. Either way, the current version of Google Play looks like Google might be acknowledging the growing number of non-Wear Android smartwatch-friendly, as there was a new splash screen that fit within the round screen. We’ll see, in due time.


(Bloody spellcheck… “smartwatches”)


It’s looked after by the chinese ODM and launcher developer. Sometimes you can download them and sometimes you can’t - from outside China that is.
It’s a work in progress and it’s great to see some content being added. In China they cannot access Google like we can - so they have started their own app store for this watch.
In-fact - the first K8 Round/ K18 had no Google apps at all.
There are many people selling these watches but only one true (and very secret) source :slight_smile:

I think the same may be true for the add-on watch faces you can get to with the plus sign at the end of the list of faces. It would be nice if FINOW controlled that space for their watches and placed some of the developer watch faces there for automatic download and install, but I’ve got the feeling it’s just like the app store for dishing out watch faces.

Correct. It will be controlled by an arm of MTK themselves most probably.

FYI @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 , We’ve got new FINOW firmware 160530 coming in for the X1 and X3 soon, and I already posted links to the Q1 160531 firmware under all the Q1 videos over on YouTube, just in case you want to play. I have no change log info, only Jessie replying to comments on the channel videos asking for firmware for their models. Amazing customer response we’re getting. She’s having aliexpress add links to the docks for each of their models as well because folks were asking where to buy extras.