Huawei Heartbeat - Revisited

Updated to dramatize the heartbeat…




Thanks, looks much bette as the first One :slight_smile:

Thank you!

That was an improvement. :+1:

pleased that you like it…

Here comes the inspirations. Great works doubledad. :+1:
by the way, what does your nickname doubledad means? :thinking: :smile:

Great face DD

While some assume it refers to my two daughters, the actual story is that my first grandson (now 29) couldn’t say “grand dad” at 18 months of age)… He would say “dad dad” which I immediately announced “from this time forward I was to be known as Doubledad”…


That’s funny.

OK, now it’s my turn… What is the meaning of lolencharm?

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Simple just a combination between my wife nickname and mine.

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i just love it Thanks

Waiting ! Waiting !!

What are you waiting for?

Waiting for the Meaning of Lolencharm :slight_smile:

lolencharm is just a simple combination between my wife nickname and mine.

(See above post)

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Oops, I missed it, Thanks