OMEGA Speedmaster ( ) rework (digitalised) and an update of a past

OMEGA Speedmaster ( rework (digitalised) and an update of a past one of mine



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sorry, but I don’t find the original maker of the Speedmaster, If some one can help with this? the second is one of mines already posted in this forum

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Yeah this I knew :slight_smile: I was talking about the clockskin face : nevermind, credits edited

Wow fantastic !!!

these are beautiful:) any chance for a black versions? :slight_smile:

may be… :slight_smile:

@mouradOo_ned hi great watch? Can you please tell me how to use this in my watch?

@dion_soehartono ​ you need to create a folder name - ClockSkin on your watch then you download the faces you want to your pc you open the zip folder you copy only folders which contain only items to the ClockSkin folder which on your watch.

@sonia_sophie_ataunna thank you, so i have to use pc? Cant i use phone only? Sorry for the dumb question because i just got a smartwatch and only been using watchmaker app

@dion_soehartono Which watch have you got?

@Andrew_Davis im using lg urbane 2

@dion_soehartono you can’t use these watch faces with your watch it is only for standalone watches there are many watch faces that you can download for your watch but this forum is not for Anadroid Wear.

@sonia_sophie_ataunna i see… Im in the wrong place then… Lol… Thank you

your welcome:)

Dear Sir, appreciate for your great works. But on my D5, the second hand run too fast, approx 4 second a round. Any way to fix it. thx

I’ll see what I can do…

@Chong_Cv Here is the fixed version… :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.