Someone mentioned the logo looked like one from an official watchmaker,

Someone mentioned the logo looked like one from an official watchmaker, but it actually is a family wapon / heraldic. Now I am doubting to use it or not…


If it’s yours or it’s not an actual trade mark - there is no reason not to use it.

Loks great @Karel_en_Marrit_Kruy

I have got a oficial family weapon as well could you incorporate that?

Should be not to difficult if you have it digital…

Like this??

Would be great to have a dial withe it,



No problem. At this moment I am on holiday, but next week I have photoshop again making it a lot easier. If you sent your family weapon and you don’t mind the watchface will be available for everyone at this community?

No problem at all!! I am so glad that you can do it, really super!!

Can you sent a link to your family weapon so I can use it…?

I did send you a mail with it attached.

This is the familywaepon, I hope you can use it.

@Harry_M.J_Dekkers sorry - did not receive the attachement. I will make a temporary map which you can use: If you use this link and place the file there I will download it and afterwards delete the map again:

Like this…?
missing/deleted image from Google+

I get a rar file.
I cannot see the items.

sorry I can see it right here.
Very nice but could it be a little bigger like =50%??

just changed - exactly 50% bigger

oops, as I am really a nitwit in this area; I have a No1D5 , can I use this watchface on this type of watch?

I did load the file to my D5 but it wont show…

I will look at it today or tomorrow. Should work at D5

Just checked, but it works for me at D5+…