How to turn off pedometer in Finow X5?

How to turn off pedometer in Finow X5?

I don’t use it and just went into it today as I was browsing all of the menus/functions, and I had quite a few steps in there. I can’t see a place to turn it off or even reset it to zero if I wanted to… Maybe the only option is to use something like settings search and disable it/uninstall it? Maybe it wouldn’t be a good idea to do that since it is “embedded” in the launcher right screens… I just want to turn it off because it might be consuming battery.

I think if you are not turned on wouldnt count your steps and yes there is no option to reset to zero :frowning:

If you have root you could try Mobile Uncle and see if it can disable sensors…

It’s okay, I will leave it be. I am getting 4 days of battery. If I didn’t play so much with watch faces I would get even more :wink: I am now settled on an all day, everyday face. Let’s see how many days I get. (If I turned off gesture to wake up I would get even more, but I like it ;))

@Bruno_Ferreira_cvigt can you please tell me what apps and settings your running to get 4 days battery life as I’ve only had mine a week and sometimes can lose 40% in 5 hours. Other times it could be 5%
Android system and launcher use up the most battery

@Andrew_Gittens No apps. I have it clean. I even removed the one app I had, calculator, because I really wasn’t using it. I keep gesture to wake up off, energy saving on and everything off (bluetooth, etc…) and I don’t have a SIM in it. I also keep the brightness at the lowest and I use an almost black watch face. This one, with some changes of mine “cyrux75-ClockSkinX3N1_mod”. I mainly have been using it on the weekends because my work is not “compatible” with such a watch. I can’t really tell you how long it would last if I put it on my wrist everyday. I know that charging on a saturday and leaving it be without touching it, I am getting 57% when friday night comes, then I use it from 19h to 5 am. Then I usually charge it on saturday again and it is at 18% after a lot of use on friday night (showing people watch faces and stuff, I never turn on bluetooth and always keep it as I said, the only change is showing people watch faces). I did however get 4 days when using it extensively some weeks ago for those 4 days straight, and I even had the gesture to wake up on at that time, I was doing field work so I got to use it everyday those 4 days… :wink:

Thanks for the reply.
I do have bluetooth on as it is connected to my phone. I also run it in airplane mode as I have put a sim in it to get WhatsApp. Tried messenger but it wouldn’t make calls. I’m away next week so it will get a good testing with lots of different settings.