How to install watch faces on universal launcher?

how to install new watchfaces on universal launcher ?
i tried to do it the same way as on stock launcher…but nothing happened…


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So you have dragged and dropped watch files into clockskin folder ?


I Transfered the zip file using Bluetooth to watch .

… Then copied that zip file (containing the watch face folder)…to clockskin --> .btclockface folder and pasted.

If you open your clockskin folder by using the file Manager on your watch- do you see the new files here?

Install an unzipper app such as RAR (playstore) on the watch and unzip the file into the clockskin folder.


I don’t see anything in there…just a blank folder

But I see .btClockface folder (and it contains watch face folders ) when open with other third part explorer.

move your clockskins from btClockface folder to clockskin folder. Why don’t you use clockskin transfer from the playstore?


Thanks… copying watch faces to clockskin folder solved my problem…

Next question :grin: - how to use always on display and change always on face in UL ?


Goto launcher settings - special - always on Display. Then chose a (dark) watchface and choose dim mode in the watchface dialog Box. Then dim the Brightness.
Then goto watchsettings - more - backround Cleaner and disable watchclockskin.


Why complicate? Shouldn’t clockskin transfer do the job

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You’re right, but this requires a Wi-Fi connection.

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I have bw-be1 and i cant not to import faces… ??? any help

Which way did you tried?

copy zip file in folder inside to smartwatch …
try and to folder clockskin and .btclockface… but not work…

Try to unzip them before. Which android version is running on your watch?

The zip filename must be equal to the zipped directory if any.