How to get rid of this?

How to get rid of this? I want my chosen watch face to be seen when I will see the clock. Tia

Soooo UGLY! The chosen watchface I think is what we all want to see but unfortunately at kingwear they think it’s better to save the battery and not even think to put an option to let the user decide. So silly.
I choosed to disable it and turn on the display manually with the button because I don’t want to see that crappy screen!

Hahahaha! Yeaha bit ugly! Why I bought a smart watch is for different watch faces and then suddenly I cant see my chosen watch face whenever I will look at the clock on my watch. How sad Kingswear! Why?why?!

EXTACTLY! I’ll never understand why chinese people can make such good hardware with such bad software.

To clean these awful figures: Menu >“Settings” >“Gesture”> disconnect “Screen on raising”.

I think the idea to save battery is not bad… but an option to user active or not will be good too.
Maybe it is possible automate to open screen with watchface with an app tasker…

@Sher_Akiloff ​ Thanks but I know that already, I want to have a screen gesture but I dont want to see that instead I want to see my set watch faces.

@Gabriele_Gabrielli ​ Yes. But I know that the D5 have what we want to have in our KW88 maybe they chosen to save battery instead.

@Al_Rod ​ yes hopefully the manufacturer will think that way.

That’s the problem with the kw88. Nice looking on the outside. Rubbish looking on the inside. I think they used school children to design the look of the software.

+1 @Jamie_MacFarlane ​!

When I decided to disable the “tilt sensor” and manually switch on the display by button press, I experienced a huge increasing battery life.

@Yongyong_Lapitan ​ hanap ka dito ng post paps, ung pang KW88 .apk dapat, hindi kopa ganong gamay paps ,meron kasi mga .apk file pero nangyayari parang ngiging mismong app sya na iinstall sa launcher

@Jacob_Rask ​ I am thinking that the button will wear if I will disable that,hoping that kw88 will able to see our chosen WF when we tilt our hand not the HH:MM

@Yongyong_Lapitan ​ kakadating lang nito khpon e hehe…

@Yongyong_Lapitan ​ sa lazada ko nabili

@Yongyong_Lapitan ​ siguro 2-3weeks tpos 5.1k bili ko

Guys - where did all the talking English go?

@Yongyong_Lapitan ​ thats great! I did not try Aliexpress I am loyal to Lazada haha. Now I can try with Aliexpress. Tnx Yong!

Thanks good im not alone …i hate this shit watch because of this prob …that can make only some stupid chinese guy …ugly ugly …and ohhh i hate it