How rooted my kw88?

How rooted my kw88? Plis instructions or tutorial :smiley:

@Lokifish_Marz Can i ask you , if i root kw88 then i didnt received OTA official updates ?

Ohhh ok , then if the kingwear(kw88) build a new version firmware for my watch , i instal it from recovery ,like smartphones ? Also thank you for answer me , because i ask this for 3 days but nobody answer me @Lokifish_Marz

@Lokifish_Marz ok thank you !

Does anbody really believe, that the KW88 will get more updates?

Why so negative ??
Fact>>Just a few days ago it got new firmware.
They have to do more to make things right but I for one still believe they will , or loose customers and get bad reputation ;-).
I think they know that. I get your drift
Others here (including me)came up with and are still working on some solutions to look forward to.

Not negative. Based on experience with a lot of these smartwatches. But we’ll see.

A lot you say , which ones have the best support?
Finow x5 for example ?? Thinking of buying that one in the future (the X5 Plus that is)

And please …join us at

@Martin_Nijhuis My last update of the KW88 is dated 29.07, the No.1 D6 i have is from 01.08. The X5 never ever got an usefull update. So i can’t recommend one for the support. Maybe the I2 is better (if i get my second sample back in a few days).

In fact we are doing the support and guys like @Lokifish_Marz and friends are helping alot with their firmware and root.

I already joined the community on proboard (nickname Hunterhood)

If we don’t succeed in finding an easy way of getting more Clock faces that also show batt stats and weather etc. And we’re not getting support I’ll be buying the X5 or X5 plus as soon as it is out. I think this to be a great watch(hardware) but seeing this much and beautiful cf’s for other watches I want that to be possible for me too. That’s why I’m busy trying to find a way and am grateful for those who try too. Maybe one day it’ll be easy and I can go on using this watch for a long time. You’re right I see… Is up to us.

Great… Will be appreciated!

Got the KW88… updated ota 20160903
Succeeded in pairing…Hope you find things to look into the cf matter.